In a fast changing market it’s important to position your brand uniquely. That is: to build a brand that customers value.

Storytelling is becoming more important lately as people value the story behind a brand. People like to identify with a brand’s story, such as their philosophy, values, products and how they showcase themselves to the outside world. It’s more likely that a customer buys products from a brand that shares the same values and vision as he/she identifies with it. Therefore, it’s essential for a brand to have a clear vision, mission and strategy that is in line with their visual brand identity, which is their invitation for (potential) customers.

FY STUDIO translates your story to an authentic brand identity that attracts
 desired target. 

With you, we create your brand book: 
– Your brand’s identity, such as your vision and mission
– Strategy
– Colour palette 
– Typeface
– Logo
– Tone of voice

”Art is not suppose to look nice, it is suppose to make you feel something.”

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